Episode One – How to Build a Workbench

Welcome, my name is Byron and this is how to build a workbench. The workbench is the centre to the shop and it is a great first project. It is great because at the end of it you have this huge piece show off, which I did. Through out you will use lots of different techniques and familiarise yourself with your tools. So lets get going:

The tools I used for this project are below:

  • Mitre saw
  • Nail gun
  • Circular saw
  • Mallet (keep tuned in a future episode I make my own.

If you don’t have these tools think about how they would have done it in the past. A hammer and nails can replace a nail gun, not as much fun. Or a hand saw. The further you go back in time the longer things tend to take but the less they had.

But don’t let cost stop you, I have a list of tools I would like but it’s about making the best of what you have. This could be made with hammers nail and a handsaw. And even with my skill level I could have done it by hand, but I’m way to impatient. This channel is about make great pieces with what ever you have and just giving it a go.




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